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Weight Logic provides safe, effective weight loss programs for individuals struggling with weight  issues and obesity. Our medical staff strives to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals while improving their health and avoiding some of the serious conditions that are associated with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, musculoskeletal diseases and other health issues. Our programs are supervised by medical professionals who evaluate each individual’s lifestyle to help address the medical, nutritional and behavioral issues related to their weight gain. We strive to help our members implement the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain weight loss and attain optimum health. Our weight loss centers offer physical assessments, appetite suppressants, plans, vitamin B-12 and Lipotropic (fat burning) injections. The program also works to increase metabolism in your body which helps you in your efforts to burn huge amounts of calories every day.


How does it work?

By reducing appetite, you are reducing your daily calorie  intake. The difference between how many calories you take in and how many calories you are expending determines the rate at which you lose weight; a 3500 calorie deficit will results in approximately 1 pound of fat loss. Since the program is also designed to increase metabolism, our medical weight loss program takes a two sided approach that effectively increases your daily calorie use while reducing daily calorie intake. When you start eating less, your body automatically makes use of the existing fat stored in your body and converts that into energy. This helps you burn fat and reduce calories intake, ultimately resulting in loss of excess weight. Simple, isn’t it? Most person suffering from obesity or weight issues that are otherwise healthy can start our program after a doctor consultation and brief physical exam. This is very effective as it uses a very simple scientific method to tackle weight loss. Results are always going to be better when you combine our weight loss program with regular exercises, following a diet, reducing junk food, etc. You will no longer have a craving for excess food all the time because your appetite is and your normal eating habits are considerably reduced.

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